We shoot, you score.


Live Theatrical Productions (samples) - Our specialty for over 25 years, id Unleashed helps bring the magic of the live theatre experience home in a way no other video company does. With packages ranging from one camera to four (not to mention top quality audio to boot!), id Unleashed will show you the advantage of having a professional video company capture your hard work rather than an amateur “video enthusiast.” For organizations producing numerous theatrical productions a season, id Unleashed can manage your entire video schedule - just give us your season schedule and we’ll do the rest!

Livestream Production - id Unleashed provides multiple-camera, live-broadcast production to a variety of events, from live theatrical productions to corporate conferences. It’s like bringing a live broadcast studio right into your venue.

Dance Recitals (samples) - Dance schools, it’s time to bring your annual Recital videos to the next level. Your clients expect more than a washed-out wide shot from the back of the auditorium, and our multi-camera shoots will bring you right into the action while still respecting your desire to see your group’s synchronicity in each number.

Promotional Video (samples) - We produce promotional videos for companies, entrepreneurial projects, bands, theatrical presentations, and other community events. Let id Unleashed guide you through the process of scripting, pre-production, shooting and post-production editing - all toward giving you a product that will promote your organization, sell your product, and increase your online presence, bringing you to the top of all-important Google searches.

Training Video - From scripting to final product, id Unleashed can help your organization create video training guides to structure your employee development program.

Music Videos/Band Promos (samples) - Whether you are looking to promote your band and increase your online presence in an effort to book more gigs, seeking a great concert video of your band in action, or want to create a music video to bring your studio recordings to visual life, id Unleashed has a package for most every budget.

Concerts (samples) - Whether it’s your school orchestra, local rock band, or community choir, id Unleashed is ready to capture your concert performance with enough cameras and microphones to bring your video right into the heart of the performance. With a variety of packages, there’s something to offer groups of any size or budget.

Choral Presentations - Community and school choirs know that sound quality is absolutely critical when it comes to capturing their performances. We’ve got you covered. Between multiple camera angles and the ability to hear every individual voice, your choral video will be the next best thing to actually being there.

Seminars/Lectures - Whether for use as a professional video document, employee training, or recruitment, company seminars deserve better coverage than can be provided by a consumer-level camera at the back of a large conference room. id Unleashed will capture your important guest speaker or meeting with respect to audio and video clarity with single or multi-camera options.

Ceremonies - id Unleashed has numerous single or multi-camera options for any kind of ceremony you need covered, whether it’s your nephew’s Eagle Scout ceremony, graduations, roasts, grand openings, or other celebrations. Let us customize a package that’s perfect for your occasion and budget.

Graduations - With fully-edited single and multi-camera options, id Unleashed will capture your school’s graduation ceremony with respect to all of the pomp and circumstance. No matter the size of the graduating class, we’ll take your ceremony video up a level to a fully-realized production.

Actor Reels (samples) - Id Unleashed has a long history of service to the performing arts and offers a variety of special services for actors including Clip Reels/Resumé Reels, Personality Reels, Monologue Reels and Audition Submission Reels, all of which are designed to help the actor increase their workload and/or move them on to the next level. Our experts will guide you toward creating the reel that will get you the most attention from casting directors, agents and managers.

Boudoir Video - Our take on the popular boudoir photography genre of recent years brings your private side to life. Based on a music selection of your choice, we will help you design the shoot to match your imagination. Whether for yourself or a loved one, you will gain confidence, have fun, and capture a moment in time you’ll look back at well on into your years.

Special Projects (samples) - What are you looking to do? Whether it be simply arranging to capture a special life moment, create a legacy video, or develop a creative project of your own inspiration, id Unleashed is ready to assist.