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All videos listed have been licensed/authorized only for private, in-home, non-commercial use. Online posting or distribution of any kind, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited by law. Videos are intended solely for persons associated with the events listed.

For forthcoming/current/recent projects, orders/payments will be processed immediately AFTER the actual shoot has been conducted and has entered our post-production queue. Videos will be distributed after the completion of post-production (usually 4-5 weeks for most projects, though frequently faster based on job complexity and workload). Please allow sufficient turnaround time after your order/payment has been processed to receive your video. We appreciate your patience.

Digital download link emails often get diverted to individual’s spam/junk mail folders based on their email settings. Please keep an eye on these folders for your personal download links, and/or add ‘orders@idunleashed.com’ to your email contacts to ensure these important emails arrive in your Inbox.

Hard-copy DVDs are now considered obsolete, non-supported technology and, as a result, will take slightly longer to deliver than digital files. We strongly encourage the digital download option as a current, higher-quality product that will save you the cost on materials & shipping charges. Due to increasing materials cost to produce DVDs and increasing USPS costs, we charge a materials/shipping fee of $6 for the first DVD and $3 for each additional DVD.

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RECENT / CURRENT PROJECTS (click to order)
          Antigone (DVD)     Carriage House Players     
          Artistry Dance Recital 2024 (DVD)     Artistry Dance Complex     
          Artists in Motion 2024 Recital (DVD)     Artists in Motion     
          Backstage Studio of Dance 2024 Recital -11am (DVD)     Backstage Studio of Dance     
          Backstage Studio of Dance 2024 Recital -2:30pm (DVD)     Backstage Studio of Dance     
          Backstage Studio of Dance 2024 Recital -7pm (DVD)     Backstage Studio of Dance     
          Dance Dimensions 2024 Recital 1pm show (DVD)     Dance Dimensions     
          Dance Dimensions 2024 Recital 6pm show (DVD)     Dance Dimensions     
          Dance Loft 2024 Recital -1pm show (DVD)     The Dance Loft     
          Dance Loft 2024 Recital -4pm show (DVD)     The Dance Loft     
          Explore at Dance 2024 Recital -12pm (DVD)     Explore at Dance     
          Explore at Dance 2024 Recital -5pm (DVD)     Explore at Dance     
          Great South Bay Dance Recital 2023 -Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (DVD)     Great South Bay Dance Company     
          Into the Woods (digital download)     Stage 74/SYJCC     
          Into the Woods (DVD)     Plaza Productions     
          Into the Woods (DVD)     Stage 74/SYJCC     
          Into the Woods Jr. - Butler Center (DVD)     Stage 74/SYJCC     
          Iolanthe (DVD)     Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera Company     
          Kellie's Dance Studio 2024 Recital (DVD)     Kellie's Dance Studio     
          Lark Ballet's Swan Lake (DVD)     Lark Ballet     
          Legally Blonde Jr. (DVD)     The Studio at Moves & Motions     
          MJs House of Dance 2024 Recital 10am (DVD)     MJs House of Dance     
          MJs House of Dance 2024 Recital 230pm (DVD)     MJs House of Dance     
          North Shore Chamber Choir presents Sing On! (DVD)     North Shore Chamber Choir     
          Peter Pan (DVD)     Take One Special Performers     
          Romeo & Juliet (DVD)     Carriage House Players     
          Shoes & Elves (DVD)     Stage 74/SYJCC     
          Studio D 2024 Dance Recital 2pm (DVD)     Studio D Dance Center     
          Studio D 2024 Dance Recital 5:30pm (DVD)     Studio D Dance Center     
          The Greatest Show (DVD)     Take One Special Players