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          Aladdin Jr. (DVD)     Studio Theatre Academy     
          Argyle Summer Showcase 2 (digital download)     Argyle Theatre     
          Argyle Summer Showcase 2 (DVD)     Argyle Theatre     
          Artists in Motion Dance Recital (DVD)     Artists in Motion     
          Back to the Twenties (digital download)     South Shore Theatricals     
          Back to the Twenties (DVD)     South Shore Theatricals     
          Broadway Showstoppers (digital download)     Star Playhouse     
          Broadway Showstoppers (DVD)     Star Playhouse     
          Catch Me If You Can (digital download)     Studio Theatre at BayWay Arts Center     
          Catch Me If You Can (DVD)     Studio Theatre at BayWay Arts Center     
          Descendents (DVD)     Plaza Productions     
          Forever Plaid (digital download)     Plaza Productions     
          Forever Plaid (DVD)     Plaza Productions     
          High School Musical (DVD)     Studio Theatre Academy     
          Julius Caesar (DVD)     Studio Theatre Academy     
          Legally Blonde (DVD)     Plaza Productions     
          Les Miserables (DVD)     Studio Theatre Academy     
          Lion King Jr. (DVD)     Studio Theatre Academy     
          Noises Off (digital download)     Studio Theatre     
          Noises Off (DVD)     Studio Theatre     
          Puffs (DVD)     Studio Theatre Academy     
          Shrek - East Islip Cast (DVD)     Studio Theatre Academy     
          Shrek - Teens w/Orch. (DVD)     Studio Theatre Academy     
          Shrek TYA (DVD)     Studio Theatre Academy     
          Willy Wonka Kids (DVD)     Plaza Productions     
          You Can't Take It With You (DVD)     Studio Theatre Academy